$159.99 USD

Exquisitely powerful

With nylon-material covering, the Rope Light is durable and easy to clean. Waterproof material rated IP65*; illumination at anytime and anywhere.

Different colors

Different colors for the ends of the strip and cable. Navy blue, Cypress green and brick red, choose different colors for different scenes and moods. 

10ft long and a 360º glow, boasting a crazy brightness of up to 1000lm

Set the light you want in a courtyard or camp. A gathering becomes more memorable whether you use Rope Light for reading, cooking, telling stories with friends, or even just for lighting.

Hanging, mounting, changing to a lantern. Use it however you want.

It also features a strap at the end of the rope for hanging, ties for hanging or mounting and a storage bag which will help you turn the light into a lantern, so that you can use it for everything from a unique decoration, to a reading light or nigh tlight!

Two ways to supply power

Besides the power adapter, the Rope Light is equipped with a Type-C adapter to allow for a powerbank*, meaning you can take it wherever you want, from campsite to hiking trail. Brighten your journey wherever you go.

Multiple modes make journey wonderful

The brightness and color temperatures are fully adjustable across multiple pre-set modes such as: music (sync with your music), dining, bonfire, and the brand new SOS mode, which allows the Rope Light to issue SOS signals with flash-light in emergency situations.

Unlimited control

Change your light through in-line controller or App. Both of them will give you complete and seamless control of your lighting environments!

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