Meet Our Founder & CEO

Jason Lu

The Founder, Jason, started his business in 2006 and built the world's top brand in the LED display industry -ROE Visual
with 17 years of profound studies in the field. The impressive success is a direct result of Jason’s brave pursuit of perfection and deep understanding of what makes a good product.

During the quarantine that seems never end, Jason focused more on himself and realized that he had been focusing on creating wonderful products for the stage but had neglected his daily life.
Creative thinking and the pursuit of aesthetics should not just stay on stages. So he decided to start again, designing products for himself and his loved family. This was how CECOCECO was born.

CECOCECO is a brand-new adventure in which Jason tries to bring his stage lighting experience into an indoor scene, creating professional and fun products that benefit daily life.

Refreshing Space With Lights

We make smart and creative lighting products combining aesthetics and technology to refresh the space around people. Backed by extensive experience and expert engineering, CECOCECO is more than a LED lighting brand. We are a community of people who value both art and technology.

What We Value

Our understanding of light and its effects are second to none. We take great pride in our comprehensive research into the effects it can have, and apply this knowledge to transform our design concepts and creativity from ideas into reality.
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Innovation is not only the advancement of technology, it is about life and sustainability. We’re committed to combine technology and aesthetics to create new and exciting lighting innovations and enhance your life experiences.
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From the design and materials to manufacturing and services, we’re dedicated to the tireless pursuit of perfection in our products through constant improvement.
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We're Living Responsibly

Here at CECOCECO we always try to think of the next generation, and of our beautiful planet first. We all enjoy and share the world, and we’re committed to protect the land and habitats it hosts.

Sustainable Design

We use the best quality LEDs for our products with higher luminous efficiency and longer service life, resulting in lower energy consumption and less waste. We always hope to bring our customers the best quality and sustainable products.

Environmental Package

We design our products to be easy to understand. Any necessary instructions are printed inside the package instead of a separate manual. Every piece of paper saved from millions of products equates to 680 trees in total.

Ethical Factories

Our relationship with suppliers goes back more than a decade. As essential family members, we work together to maintain fair wages, the environment, and welfare for all our workers and their families.